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Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment

Happy-FamilyThe Casselton Program is dedicated to the treatment of alcohol and substance abuse by providing outpatient services to adults and older adolescents in need of therapeutic and educational intervention. Is your alcohol or drug use causing you legal problems? Is your use affecting your family, friends, job?

Take back control of your life. Contact us for a free assessment. There is no obligation of any kind unless you enroll in our program.

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    • Outpatient Treatment: After an initial assessment that includes standardized tests and screens as well as a personal interview we determine the best course of treatment. All treatment includes group therapy, 12 Step Group attendance, and random drug and alcohol screens. The number of group therapy sessions per week and duration of treatment is determined at the evaluation. Most clients start with a minimum of two groups per week. This will decrease as the client progresses through the program.
    • Alcohol Safety Program: The Casselton Program works closely with Richmond area Alcohol Safety Action Programs (ASAP) and is a qualified service provider for the area. ASAP refers clients to us who are in need of additional evaluations. There is an additional fee for an ASAP clinical evaluation. The number of group therapy sessions per week and duration of treatment is determined at evaluation.
    • Latino / Spanish Group: With the growing Latino population in the Richmond area, we recognize the value of offering cultural and language appropriate education, assessment and treatment when possible. A Spanish group meeting is on Thursday nights in our Chester office.
    • Young Adult Group: We recognize that young adults often feel more comfortable with others their age. It is for this reason that we have a group specifically geared toward those young adults – 25 and younger. This group meets on Wednesday night. Typically clients in our outpatient program will attend the Young Adult Group and another group during the week.
    • Jail Evaluations: We will meet with potential clients in jail to assess them for the Casselton Program. This assessment will be as complete as possible with the use of standardized tests and a personal interview. The program requirements will also be explained in detail. In many instances, clients have had some success being released on bond as a result of a jail evaluation and agreeing to enroll in the Casselton Program. The number of group therapy sessions is determined at evaluation. There is an additional fee for a jail evaluation.
    • Clinical Substance Abuse Evaluations: In some cases, clients are in need of a clinical evaluation with a diagnosis included. In some cases, the courts or employers may request this. This is a more intensive evaluation with either a Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Clinical Social Worker. There is an additional fee for this evaluation.
    • Education Classes: In conjunction with local community corrections we have designed a 6 hour substance abuse education class. This is recommended for young offenders and first offenders with minor drug and alcohol charges. Anyone interested in learning more about alcohol and drugs and their effects will find this beneficial.
    • Drug and Alcohol Screening: We administer breathalizers at each group meeting. In addition, all clients must submit to random drug screens. We screen for a minimum of 10 different classes of drugs. If it is deemed that the client needs a more intensive screening protocol we may require alcohol metabolite testing or place clients on a more intensive screening program. We complete screens in house but will send samples to a 3rd party lab for metabolite testing or verification as needed.
    • Family and Friends Group: This is a no cost education program designed to assist those who have a loved one with a substance use or abuse problem they are concerned about. You do not have to have a family member enrolled in the Casselton Program to attend this free education class. Classes are usually held the first Saturday of every month in our Richmond office.